West Iran Tour

A group of 8 Dutch tourists, along with their guide, a university lecturer, came to Iran in October 2018 on a non-classic tour of west Iran.

This tour excluded the main touristic cities travelers usually visit during their trip to Iran. Instead, it allowed the group to explore the unique wonders of the west. After visiting Tehran, the arrival city, and getting to know about Iran history and culture by going to museums there, the group headed off to Qazvin, once the capital of Safavid Dynasty, and see the landmarks dating back to that time.  Zanjan was the next destination. There, the group had the opportunity to visit Gonbad-e-Soltanieh, UNESCO World Heritage Site, in addition to some more places. After that, the group was transferred to Tabriz and got familiar with Azeri warm hospitality and rich culture. The next city to visit was Maraqeh, but there was also a short excursion to Kandovan, the village known for houses built in the heart of rocks, en route. The small town of Maraqeh has a famous observatory and some tombs and temples to visit. After a picnic on the raod, the group went to Takht-e-Soleyman, another UNESCO World Heritage Site and slept overnight in Sanandaj. After that, it was time for Kermanshah with 2 important UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Bisotun Inscription and Tagh-e-Bostan rock reliefs. Then it was time to go to Hamadan, the city of Avicenna, Iranian widely known scientist, and Baba Taher, famous poem. The tour finished after visiting Imam Khomeini tomb on the way to the airport.