In October 2018, Shokouh Iranian hosted a well-known lecturer and a group of art experts from the Netherlands. The tour was designed to both show the group the main historic sites of Iran and give them lectures on anthropological and cultural aspects of Iran society.

To do so, we organized presentation areas and equipment in each city for the group to get some information from the city background besides visiting the sites.

The tour started from Tehran, where the group stayed for 3 days to have enough time to explore the palaces and museums of the capital. After a thorough visit to Tehran, it was time for Kashan, an old merchant town known for its elaborate houses. Esfahan was the next destination in the program. There, the tourists visited many Islamic works of art and exceptional architectural features. The group left Esfahan with fond memories of their time in Naqsh-e-Jahan Square and headed off to Yazd. In Yazd, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the whole group was amazed by ancient architecture and city unique texture especially in old neighborhoods. Shiraz was the next city to discover. The city of beautiful gardens and sensational poetry made a great time for the group. There was also a 1-day excursion to Persepolis, the capital of ancient Iran.

The group left Iran via Shiraz International Airport after 15 days of sightseeing and briefing sessions in the land of marvels.