When stepping into the tourism arena, tour operators need to know about the product they are going to sell. It is important to experience and understand a product to be able to promote it more effectively. Familiarization or Fam trips can be the best way to acquire that specific knowledge. Going on Fam trips will give tour operators a snapshot look at the landmarks and will also enable them to have a genuine feeling for the places they’re going to recommend to their customers. By taking part in Fam trips, travel agents will broaden the view of the ins and outs of traveling.

As broadcasted widely in the news, many travelers are coming to visit Iran all year round. Due to the present situation, Iran has changed into a hot destination and receives many tourists from all over the world. To better introduce this destination and its unique attractions, Shokouh Travel company has organized Fam trips for international tour operators and travel agencies. Fam trips organized by our company usually last for 5 to 7 days depending on the number of the participants and their requirements. All the details of Fam trips are arranged by our company from point of arrival in Iran to point of departure. Tour operators and travel agents are our guests for a few days and are shown around to touch the tour packages they are going to sell.

Shokouh Travel Company has arranged two scheduled Fam trips in February and August, both embraced by travel agents from different countries. If you are interested in participating in one of our Fam trips, just try to contact us at info@iranianglory.com and let us know your interest. Our company will book your seat. In case you intend to visit in other seasons or have other destinations in mind, you need to mention in in your request.
It is worth mentioning that we have built some ideal working relationships with our previous Fam trip visitors and look forward to more fruitful mutual relationships.