Iranian cuisine is one of the best in the world. Some of the foods are quite prevalent in restaurant menus. All travelers visiting Iran are eager to try Iranian local foods. Foreigners will have the opportunity to try local recipes when visiting each city in isolation. They can experience a large variety of foods that make Iranian cuisine unique and different. some of the Iranian famous foods are listed below.

Khoresh Fesenjan (stew of chicken/meat, pomegranate paste and walnut)

Khoresh Bademjan (stew of meat, eggplants, and tomatoes)

Khoresh Gormeh Sabzi (stew of meat, vegetables, and beans)

Khoresh Gheime (stew of meat and lentil like peas)

Chelow Kabab Kobide (Meat Kebab)

Tahchin (pancake-like rice with chicken and saffron)

Baghali Polo Va Mahiche (rice with fava beans and meat)

Zereshkpolo Va Morgh (rice with barberry and chicken)

Jooje Kebab (Chiken Kebab)

Sabzipolo Va Mahi (rice with vegetables and fish)

Meygoopolo (rice with shrimp)

Ash Reshte (noodles, vegetables, and beans)

All these foods can be eaten with some delicious side dishes and drinks. Like different kinds of soup, salad, and vegetables. From among the drinks we can mention Dogh which is made with yogurt and cold water and is generally served sour.