Iran is a country with many beautiful cities. The capital city is Tehran which deserves at least a few days of your Iranian itinerary.

Because of its geographical location and being among other Metropolitan cities, Tehran has places for tourists to visit. The Bazaar of Tehran, as a commercial center, is very attractive and interesting with its architecture. Shemshak Towchal and Dizin are the two important ski tracks that are internationally famous. There are various museums, natural resorts, and recreational centers that give a prominent appearance to Tehran.

Tehran is regarded as the biggest and most important educational center in the country. Today, you can find nearly 50 major colleges and universities in Tehran. There are also modern hospitals and medical centers with high-technology equipment. Tehran has listed many well-established restaurants, movie theaters, mosques, churches, banks, public libraries, cultural centers, museums, and many more. Having the best hotels and restaurants, Tehran lets tourists feel comfortable enough to spend some nights in the city.

The tourist attractions which can be found in the city are listed below:

  1. Milad Tower: Iran’s tallest tower
  2. Golestan Palace
  3. National Museum of Iran
  4. Tochal Mountain
  5. Sa’dabad Complex
  6. Niavaran Complex
  7. Carpet Museum of Iran
  8. Reza Abbasi Museum
  9. Jamshidieh Park
  10. National Jewel Museum


Isfahan is a must-to-see destination for the majority of international travelers. It is the number one place in Iran with many tourist attractions. It is worth to stay a couple of days in the city and enjoy its beauty. Many of the travelers come to visit the city for its culture and architecture. In the center of the city lies Naghshe Jahan Square and around it sits a number of the world’s famous Islamic architecture. The combination of all these spectacular sites makes the city a center of attraction. The visitors are greatly captivated by the beauty of its turquoise domes. Isfahan is also the best place in case you are willing to buy handicrafts. Travelers have different options for shopping for souvenirs since there is a large variety of artistic items available in the city markets.

The city is located in the center of Iran and makes traveling to other cities very easy. The distinguishing mark of the city is the Zayandrud River which originates from the Zagros Mountains and continues to the flat desert of Gavkhuny Marshland.

The tourist attractions which can be found in the city are listed below:

  1. Jame Mosque (The Congregational Mosque)
  2. Naqshe Jahan Square
  3. Jame Abbasi Mosque
  4. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  5. The Ali Qapu Palace
  6. Old Qaisarieh Bazaar
  7. The Chehel Sutun (Forty Columns) Palace
  8. Hasht Behesht Palace
  9. Chahar Bagh School
  10. Monare Jonban – Shaking Minarets
  11. Vank Cathedral
  12. Si-o-se Pol
  13. Khaju Bridge (Shahi Bridge)
  14. Shahrestan Bridge
  15. Ali Gholi Agha hammam
  16. Atashgah (Fire Temple)
  17. Assar Khaney-e-Shahi
  18. Constitution House of Isfahan


On the way from Tehran to Isfahan, many travelers give the beautiful historical city of Kashan a visit. There are many various old sights. Sialk excavation in Kashan showed the city was one of the primary centers of pre-historic civilization. Kashan has been famous for its silk, carpets, and pottery. The Rose water industry is regarded as the flourishing one in the city since travelers can find many rose gardens in the city. The essence of these flowers is exported to other cities and countries for making perfumes. The essence is also used in cooking different types of foods.

The area of Fin which is near the city attracts local people and brings them together during the night. There are many tea houses and modern and traditional restaurants. Tourists eating food in this area will never forget the night they pass among the local people.

The tourist attractions which can be found in the city are listed below:

  1. Fin Garden and Bathroom
  2. Sialk Historical Mounds
  3. Agha Bozorg Mosque
  4. Kashan Bazar
  5. Soltan Amir Ahmad Bathroom
  6. Noosh Abad Underground City
  7. Niasar Waterfall
  8. Ghamsar and Barzok Rose Gardens
  9. Niasar Fire Temple
  10. Niasar Mithra Temple
  11. Historical Houses of Ameriha, Boroujerdiha, Tabatabaeeha, Abbasiha
  12. Timch-e Amin-o dolle


Yazd is one of the famous cities of Iran due to the beautiful deserts it has. Many of the Zoroastrian people live in this city since Zoroastrianism has an old history in Yazd. Tourists who visit the city get familiar with the way local people cope with the difficulty of living in a desert. What seems eye-catching to travelers at first glance can be the underground water supplement system (Qanat). This ancient city is also famous for its wind catchers and pigeon towers. The city is also famous for its food and handicrafts. Tourists visiting the city look for Yazdi Termeh in the malls.


The tourist attractions which can be found in the city are listed below:

  1. Mirchakhmagh Tekieh
  2. Water Museum
  3. Zoroastrian Fire temple
  4. Dolatabad garden
  5. Alexander Prison
  6. Jame Mosque
  7. Tower of Silence
  8. The historical house of Lari
  9. Hazireh Mosque
  10. Chak Chak Fire Temple


The city of Shiraz is very rich in its culture. Travelers are amazed by the beauties they discover in the city. It is a leading center of artists and poets. Iranian famous poets like Hafiz and Sadi lived in Shiraz. This city is also famous for its flowers and the aroma which scatters in the city air. There are many beautiful gardens that make the city a unique spot. The accent of its local people makes visiting the city more interesting. Tilework and mirrorwork used in some of the monuments catch the tourists’ eyes.

The tourist attractions which can be found in the city are listed below:

  1. Persepolis
  2. Hafez Tomb
  3. Saadi Tomb
  4. Arg of Karim Khan
  5. Afif Abad Garden
  6. Eram Garden
  7. Narangestan Qavam
  8. Delgosha Garden
  9. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque
  10. Jame’e Atigh Mosque
  11. Vakil Mosque, Bath and Bazar
  12. Mesgarha Bazaar
  13. Qor’an Gate
  14. Qavam House


This island is a beautiful touristic resort located on the northeast of the Persian Gulf. It is known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf. This island does not require an entry visa. The officials at Kish International Airport will take your photograph, and fingerprints, and stamp your passport. After the process, you are allowed to stay up to 14 days on the Island. As mentioned in Wikipedia, Kish Island was ranked among the world’s 10 most beautiful islands by The New York Times in 2010 and is the fourth most visited vacation destination in Southwest Asia after Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Sharm el-Sheikh.

The tourist attractions which can be found in the city are listed below:

  1. Kish Dolphin & Crocodile Park
  2. The Green Tree Park
  3. Mysteries of the World Zoo
  4. Greek Ship
  5. Underground Town of Cariz
  6. The Ancient Town of Harireh
  7. Marjan Beach Park


Qeshm Island is located on the southern coast of Iran and is regarded as the largest island with over 50 towns and villages. It has beautiful rocky coastlines and fishing is the main occupation of the local people. The island has many remarkable sites which can be all visited easily by taking a taxi. The local people gather together along the coasts and sing and play traditional music. Travelers will really enjoy listening to them.


The tourist attractions which can be found in the city are listed below:

  1. Hara Marine Forests
  2. Portuguese Castle
  3. Star Valley
  4. Laft Historical Port
  5. Chahkooh
  6. Hengam Island
  7. Kharbas Cave
  8. Namakdan Salt Cave
  9. Naz Island