This tour was held for a group of 7 lovely tourists from Australia. They had decided to take this long journey to visit Iran and get familiar with the taste of Persia.

The tour was devised to reveal historical, cultural, and gastronomical aspects of Iran to tourists. iran tour That is, the group had the opportunity to see the main landmarks of each city they entered and was also taken to local families’ place to chat with them about their lifestyle and traditions while cooking and eating ethnic foods of the area.

Shiraz, the city of flowers and nightingales, was the arrival city. Besides browsing Shiraz, the tourists also visited Firuzabad, the first circular city in the world. The main dishes they tried with the local family there were Kalam Polo (rice with cabage), Qeliyeh Mahi (spicy fish stew with vegetables), and Shirazi Salad.

After exploring Persepolis, the group went to Yazd, the living museum of Iran. There, they got to eat Yazdi Qeymeh (a stew with meat) and Shooli (a kind of soup). Going to the most famous confectionary in Yazd and trying the unforgettable taste of Yazdi sweats was another part of the plan.

In Esfahan, known as half the world, an Armenian-Iranian family hosted the group for their culinary experience and served them both Iranain and Armenian dishes and told them about their life as a minority in the society. Ab Goosht (meat stew) and Beryani (a dish made of ground meat) were also the foods the group had in traditional restaurants. iran tour

After visiting Kashan en route, the group arrived at Tehran, the lively capital known for its delicious kebabs. Two very lovely ladies who hosted the group first took them to couple of bakeries and then made Moshti Kebab and dessert for lunch.

The group finally left Iran missing the taste of Persia at the airport!