Endowed with all forms of landscapes, the beautiful city of Khorramabad is undoubtedly one of the finest and must-visit tourist destinations. Khorramabad, the city of beauty, while preserving the inheritance of its past looks forward to its modern future. As the oldest stone water reservoir in the world, the remains of Gerdab-e-Sangi dates back to the Sassanid era, located in the center of theold city of Khorramabad. This magnificent circular building made of stone and mortar is built around a spring to regulate the water out of the fountain and then transfer it through the channel to various parts of the ancient city. The spring has water on almost all days of the year. The building is 18 meters in diameter with a circumference of 256 square meters. Springs, many mirages, pleasant lakes in the city center placed this city among one of the most beautiful tourist cities of Iran.