Besh Ghardash is an outstanding monument of Qajar period in Bojnord, North Khorasan Province. This is the tomb of Sardar Mofakham, the ruler of the northern area of Khorasan during the Qajar period.  Besh Ghardash Cemetery’s overall design consists of a dome in the middle and two smaller rooms on the sides with an entrance on the western side. The building is made of brick and plaster and has three rooms, each room opens to a porch that runs through the marble steps towards the side of the pool. The ceiling of the rooms is covered with stucco and the walls are covered with marble up to one and a half meters high. The entire western view of the building is decorated with columns and domes with turquoise tiles. In addition to the minarets and half columns of the western facade, the tiling decoration of the inner walls of the porch is seven color tiles. This place was also the site of the Zoroastrian temple during pre-Islamic times. At the bottom of the mountain the sentence “Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds” is carved on the mountain. Besh Ghardash means five brothers in the Turkish language of Khorasani and a common story among the people is the reason for naming this. According to the story, five brothers lived in Bojnord in the old days who fought against the injustice of their time. When they escaped from the major, they were caught in a mountain and according to the story, five brothers asked God for help. Then five holes were created in the mountains and then they took refuge in the mountains. Now there is a clear water in the holes. This monument is so beautiful that when you visit it, it is as if you travel to the past.