Kaseh Salakh is a featureless area, seven kilometers in length and about five kilometers in width, on the southern coast of the island. It has no flora or vegetation; there are no traces of life in it.

Thousands of small and big dome-like hillsides and erosional patterns are seen there, those which have bubbled from under the ground, dried there and formed wide, interconnected foothills.

Deep at the heart of this wilderness, a healing spring of sulfur water is bubbling up from the ground. All these factors suggest that huge oil and gas reserves are in the underground layers of the area.

This area on Qeshm Island has fewer visitors than other parts, but its wonderful attractiveness can cause man to plunge into deep thought. It can also serve as a haven for those seeking calm and serenity. The fluttering of the island’s big eagle in the blue sky is the only sound which punctuates the silence there.