Stars Valley on Qeshm with a historical background of about two million years have been created as a result of soil, stone and sand erosion caused by the wind, rain. The valley is a rare natural masterpiece on the beautiful island of Qeshm. The northern side of Qeshm Island is close to Berke-ye Khalaf Village have shown its strange geological feature. Residents of the area believe that a star fell off the sky and created strange shapes out of soil, stones and sand.

The local people believe that when it gets darker, the place is filled with ghosts and goblins moving around. However, nothing has been proven so far. Due to the special shape and different volums and the erosion phenomenon, when the wind gusts blow around the columns and hollows of the valley, sounds are made and it seems that is why local people believe that the place is turned into a location for the ghosts and goblins when it gets dark.

The features and exquisite sights of Stars Valley have caused the valley be registered in the list of UNESCO as a section of Qeshm Island geo-park. It is noteworthy that Qeshm Geo-park with its natural and historical beauties is the only geo-park in the Middle East.

On moonlit nights when silence is ruling everywhere and the sky and the stars are felt close to the ground, the beauties of the valley are doubled. Narrow and at times wide paths on the roundabouts of the columns of Stars Valley catch the eyes of any visitor with their special order.