The ancient city of Susa has been one of the oldest civilization centers and one of the most famous cities in the world, the capital of several thousand years of the Ilam city, as well as the Achaemenid Empire’s winter capital. It is the center of the Ilam civilization, located 150 kilometers east of the Tigris River in Khuzestan Province. Shush Castle also known as Akropol Castle and French Castle is located on a hill in Shush and dates back to the Qajar era. In 1987, Jean-Marie-Jacques du Morgan, a Frenchwoman, came to Susa for research and exploration and the construction of Shush Castle began to accommodate her and her friends and also the storeroom of ancient artifacts. Akropol, the tallest point of the Susa hills, was chosen to do this and a castle was built in the form of medieval castles with trapezoidal shapes on it. The building of this castle was mostly made of ancient clay and the remains of bricks of different periods which were remained in the old site of Susa and in 1912 its work was completed. The castle is now used as an archaeological site for preservation and research.