Shapouri House or Shapouri Pavilion and Garden is an early 20th-century Persian building and garden in the city of Shiraz, south of Iran.
The historical house of Shapouri belongs to the early Pahlavid reign in Persia (Iran), c. 1925. This nice house is located in city Centre (Anvari Street) of Shiraz. It has 840 square meters of underpinning and 4635 square meters of garden area and 2 stairs.
This building is in the old central region of Shiraz, known as Anvari. Shapouri mansion was designed by Abolghasem Mohandesi, the well-known architecture of Shiraz, and built between 1930 and 1935; the owner was Abdolsaheb Shapuori one of the great merchants of Shiraz. An individual should have a shot at a person’s success caça niquel gratis mais recente.
This building is unique and very innovative. Shapouri House and Garden are precious examples of their time and represent the innovation and creativity of plans, facades and structures. The innovations applied on the structure of this garden have turned it into an Iranian-European garden.
Some of the invaluable features of Shapouri House are the western (major) facade decorations, circular and designed gaseous columns, tiling’s with Archaemenids designs on the upper porch.
Visiting this monument is free for the public and there is a restaurant, cafe and an exhibition of cultural and art works of Fars Province.
This mansion was registered as a national building in 2000 with registration number 2781.