Parw (means full of water) is a mount located in north east of Kermanshah city in west of Iran. Parâw with an approximate length of 80 km and an area of 880 square kilometers is part of the Zagros Mountains. Paraw is one of the 1515 Ultra-prominent peak of world.
The mount was withdrawn during the third period of Geology (Tertiary) And in the fourth period (Quaternary) assumed its present form. Material of rocks are mainly sedimentary and limestone. This has caused a lot of caves and wells in the mountains arise.
Highest cave
Paraw cave or Ghar Parau is located in 3050 meter above sea level which is the highest cave in the world and well known as Everest of world caves. this cave has 751 meter depth and with D5 degree of difficulty recognized as one of hardest caves to caving.The British caving team which discovered the cave named their group Ghar Parau foundation. Five professional cavers have lost their lives in this cave.