The beautiful Minoo Island is one of the most important tourist attractions in Abadan which can be a memorable destination for every traveler because of its spectacular nights. It is located between Abadan and Khorramshahr where two branches of Arvand River surround it. A small town called Minoo is located on this island and is the largest village of the island. The vast majority of this stunning island is covered with palm trees that is a good environment for migratory birds’ living making it suitable for bird watching. An interesting point about the wildlife of Minoo Island is that animals such as fox, hedgehog and wild boar are also found among the massive palm trees and lush lands. Of course, locals often have chicken, cow and sheep and because of this, dairy products of this region have a great reputation and quality. If you are a traveler and you plan to travel to the south, you should not miss visiting Minoo Island. If you go to Minoo Island to see the nature, remember to try their local ice cream made from buffalo milk. Minoo Island usually attracts more guests and tourists during holidays and most nature lovers are also busy in exploring palm trees and boating in Arvand.