The ancient city of Harrireh measures about 120 hectares which hold a thriving population in the past. Most part of the city has been destroyed but a few instances of arched stone ceiling have remained unharmed. The place for the establishment of the city has delicately been chosen due to the existence of high cliffs which are over ten meters above sea level and the relatively cam shore which is much calmer than the other coastlines which surround the island.
Three archeological digs have been found so far in the remains of the city. The tiles that have been discovered in this area are similar to those which were used for decorating Takht-e Soleiman and Soltanieh. The excavated canals in Harrireh City indicate that the old inhabitants had previously used an intricate and unique system that was connected to fishing activities and made the access to the sea a lot easier and faster.
Some hidden passageways were also discovered which are assumed to be used by the old inhabitants in case of emergency during times of attacks and invasions. There are also some excavations related to large bathrooms and some related courtyards. Archeologists believe that these bathrooms are ranked as the oldest ones which are found in Iran. iran tour