One of the famous tourist attractions in Kish Island is the Greek Ship which was originally built in Scotland in 1943 and was named as the Empire Trumpet. The ship sailed all around the world and it finally grounded in west of Kish in 1966. It had different names and different owners and the final owner were Greek. That is why it is known as the Greek ship among the local people of the island. The ship is about 136 meters long and was built by William Hamilton Company at Port Glasgow.

It is believed that the owner set the ship on fire when it got stuck in Persian Gulf water near the beach. Some pieces of the ship are falling apart and the whole ship is a wreck. But it is still a scenic piece worthy of attention. The most beautiful scene of this place that sticks into the mind of every traveler is when the sun sets down slowly behind the Greek Ship. The last rays of shining sunlight make a colorful spectrum among the clouds and create an imaginary tableau behind the Greek Ship which can rarely be seen in anywhere else. iran tour