Dolphin Park or Dolphinarium located in Kish Island is the first dolphin park of Iran. The huge recreational and tourist complex with 100 hectares area is located in the southeast of the island. The complex includes green space with a variety of different species of plants, bird garden and the first Dolphinarium in Iran. Different species of marine mammals, including dolphins, northern sea lion, southern sea lion, northern sea cat, dolphin and penguin are kept in this complex. A total of 21 marine mammals are kept in pools with a volume of 18.000 cubic meters filled with sea water. The green space of Dolphin Park has more than one hundred plant species including thousands of palm trees, very large Benjamins and some more. More than 50 species of various birds like pelicans, ostriches, parrots of Macau, peacocks, various types of stork, toucan, tauraco, swan and other types of aquatic animals like crocodile are kept from all around the world in the bird garden. Due to the proper environment these animals can breed and live naturally.