Tourists who come to visit Qeshm will get amazed by the greatness of this area. The corridors and the shapes on the walls and the rocks made Chahkouh as an outstanding geological phenomenon. It is formed as the result of erosion of stones and is visited less than other attractions because it is still relatively unknown. Long creases on the walls and the pits on the ground have been created due to water erosion and made Chahkouh famous for its natural beauty. Chahkouh literally means “mountains of wells” which reflects the existence of many pits and wells within the mountain. iran tour
The valley is 100 meters deep and is far about 70 kilometers far from Qeshm. The entrance of the valley is wide but it gets narrower as we move to the south part of the valley. We move from a u-shaped entrance to the v-shaped ending. The locals have carved some holes and canals in the valley to store and transfer rain water from the valley to their neighborhoods.