Alvand (3575 m.), one the most famous mountain of Iran, is placed near to the city of Hamedan, west of Iran. Mountain of Alvand are belong to pro-Zagros range mountains. Its view from Hamedan is a beautiful conical. Alvand and Damavand are holy mountains in Iran. Kalagh-Laneh, Daem-Barf (English pronunciation: Dyem-Barf) and Ghezel-Arsalan mountains are situated at the west side of Alvand.
About the meaning of Alvand, historical linguists have several ideas. Maybe Alvand is newer form of “Arvant” (from Indo-European > Aryan root of “auravant”), means “quick”. In this way, Alvand means the mount with quick streams. Although some scientists don’t recognize the same derivation for Alvand and Aurvant. And some other say “Alvand” is familiar with “Alborz” and “Elbrus” < Albruz/Harburz.