Abidar is one of the exemplary tourism zones of Sanandaj, in the western province of Kurdestan.
The region has high potentials for mountain climbing. Abidar Mountain, which is located in the east of Sanandaj, is the place where people go hiking and has many beautiful parks. to more in depth informationIt is possible to obtain better advice caça niquel online gratis.
With an elevation of 1,722 meters, Abidar Mountain is made of upper cretaceous rocks. It is located in the Sanandaj-Sirjan geological and structural zone. Abidar main jungle park was designed and renovated in 1995. New roads were built to the highest places of the mount to increase the accessibility even for older people, without destroying the original view.
Also, Abidar Open Air Cinema, one of the biggest outdoor cinemas, was built over Amirieh Valley. Until just a few years ago, the only video that could be played in the Abidar cinema was by 35 mm movie projectors and the use of other sources like TV and DVD was not possible. The sound was then broadcast through the transmitter, people were listening through radio using FM broadcast band frequency but that was not comfortable because of audio and video was not synchronize. The Municipality recently switched from 35mm film to digital cinema projector.
Managing director of Sanandaj Municipality’s Parks and Green Spaces Department said welfare facilities such as a prayer hall and toilets would be established in the area.