Alvand or Alvand Kuh (Persian: الوند‎) is a subrange of the Zagros Mountains in western Iran located 10 km south of the city of Hamedan in Hamedan Province. With an elevation of 3580 metres, it is situated to the east of the Ghezel-Arsalan mountains. Aside from Mount Alvand, Kalagh-Laneh and Daem-Barf are among the famous peaks of this range.iran tour




“Alvand” is a newer form of *Harvant, (from Indo-European > Indo-Iranian root of *har), means “high”, and vanta (akin to German “bund” and English bond, Persian and Kurdish “band,” meaning “connected to” or “that of,” “bound to” etc. Together, the compound stand for “That of height, grandeur, mighty.” Also see Orontes River, the Orontids dynasty, “Alborz” Mountains and Mount “Elbrus” < *arburz iran tour

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