Varzaneh dessert is regarded as the gem of Isfahan province due to its shiny sandy hills and is located 105km southeast of Isfahan. This dessert is ranked as one of the most accessible desserts of Iran. The area has natural attractions like Gavkhuni Wetland, Salt Lake and Sand Hills. One of the tourist attractions in Varzaneh is the way local women cover themselves. Unlike other parts of the country, women in this hot area wear white chadors instead of using the black ones.

There is a spring in the heart of the dessert called Dastjerd which is near a fire temple dating back to the Sasanid dynasty. Farming and carpet weaving are the sources of income for the local people. This region is a center for cultivating cotton. While getting around the town, one can easily notice cotton bushes in the farms.

The starry sky at nights and the silence can provide a good time for meditation. Different physical activities like camel riding, paragliding, sand boarding and getting a ride on safaris will add to the enjoyment.