It is built in the Safavid dynasty and is the best example of Islamic architecture. It is registered as a UNESCO world heritage site and is situated in the southern part of Naghsh-e Jahan Square Across from Qeisarie Bazar. The mosaic tiles and the calligraphic inscriptions made it a marvelous site not to ignore. It is highly famous for its double layered dome which causes the acoustic effect and reflections at the central point under the dome. When a person stands under the dome and speaks loudly, the sound is scattered all through the mosque. That was how Muezzin invited people to the prayers. Its construction started in the ruling period of Shah Abbas the first in 1612. When you go inside you can notice the interior part being surrounded by four iwans and arcades. The walls and the ceilings are decorated with mosaic tiles. Before going into the mosque you can visit the entrance which is liked two opening arms, inviting the visitors into the mosque.  The corridors are ornamented and the architecture attracts thousands of tourists annually.iran tour