Laft Village, the port of windcatcher

Laft is one of the villages in the central part of Qeshm in Hormozgan province in southern Iran. The natural face of the Laft village among tropical green trees and tall palm trees, along with the stunning beauty of the sea and Hara floating forest, is appealing to any newcomer. The large and small wind [...]

Tem-e Sonnati

Boghe Pir, a shrine, is located in the Tem-e Sonnati village close to the Tourian region. The shrine’s half-ruined building is still beautiful and lovely. Beautiful semi-circular mortar plasterworks are seen around the neck of the dome. A short, narrow and small door forms the entrance of the shrine, with the Pir Shrine lying below [...]

Tourian Village

Tourian is a village about 31 km to the southwest of Qeshm. Agriculture is booming in this village. Vegetable cultivation, sunflower farms and beautiful palm groves are among the tourist attractions of this region. At the time of Mongol invasion when anarchy was the order of the day in Iran, any tribe which could escape [...]

Bibi Ab-Anbar

The Bibi Cistern was built on Qeshm Island more than two centuries ago. The historical site, which is a lake-based cistern, is located in Shahab District and is one of the sightseeing sites of Hormozgan Province. The Bibi Cistern is the first lake-based cistern which was built by Soghiyeh, a female benefactor and the wife of Sheikh Abdollah, a one-time ruler of the island.

Kaseh Salakh

Kaseh Salakh is a featureless area, seven kilometers in length and about five kilometers in width, on the southern coast of the island. It has no flora or vegetation; there are no traces of life in it. Thousands of small and big dome-like hillsides and erosional patterns are seen there, those which have bubbled from [...]

Tala Water Wells (Tal Eau)

There are 366 wells forming Tala Water wells, equal to the number of days in a leap year; each day people used the water of one well. There are multiple wells next to Naderi Castle in Laft. The hardworking people in the region dug them through Schist rocks which had covered the ground. Since a plaster layer lies at [...]

Naderi Castle

This castle, which is in Laft – an old village on Qeshm Island – beside Tala Wells, is known as Naderi or Nader Shahi (King Nader) Castle. But its construction predates Nader Shah. It is believed to have been built on the foundations of the ancient pre-Islamic fortresses. Ebrahim Kazerouni who visited the castle in [...]

Aali Mohammad Valley

Aali Mohammad Valley which is located in the western part of Qeshm island spans along a north-south line. There is another geological phenomenon – Aali Mohammad Valley – near Chahkuh Valley in Qeshm. The valley is more attractive than Chahkuh thanks to beautiful scenes the latter has created on its walls; water is easily seen [...]

Naz Island

Naz Island is the only place tourists can wade on foot or by car one km into the Persian Gulf waters. After 22 km from Qeshm, you reach Naz Island. It is one of the key tourist attractions of Qeshm Island. Naz Island which is around three hectares in area does not have a sandy beach and is surrounded by rocky [...]

Namakdan (Salt Shaker) Cave

The salt in Namakdan Cave is among the best common salt which is rich in magnesium and can be used for medical purposes. In the southwest of the island there is a dome-like mountain, 237 meters above sea level. It has salt caves which are among the island’s most beautiful natural attractions. Strands of salt on the [...]

Kharbas Caves

The historic Kharbas Caves of Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf are one of the outstanding works of rock-cut architecture. There are indications – including multiple historical structures surrounding the caves and rock catacombs [man-made subterranean passageways for religious practice] which are scattered all across the island – that the caves date back to the [...]

Stars Valley, Qeshm

Stars Valley on Qeshm with a historical background of about two million years have been created as a result of soil, stone and sand erosion caused by the wind, rain. The valley is a rare natural masterpiece on the beautiful island of Qeshm. The northern side of Qeshm Island is close to Berke-ye Khalaf Village have shown its strange geological feature. Residents of [...]