As the only historical bridge on the western side of Zayandehrud River, the amazing Marnan Bridge is 185 meters long with stone piers and brick superstructure, dating back to the 17th century Safavid era with some evidence to a much earlier date of Sassanid period and contemporary with the Shahrestan Bridge as they both closely resembles to each other.

Situated in the vicinity of the Armenian Jolfa district, one of the oldest districts of Isfahan, the bridge was reconstructed during the Safavid period by the order of Khajeh Sarafraz, the district administrator. iran tour

Marnan is an Avestan name and is likely to be a different form of Mehrbin (meaning vision of the sun) and probably the bridge has been called so due to the Fire Temple in the surrounding area.

Having 17 lower sluices and 14 upper arches, the bridge was once used as a dam, making it to be built on an up-level foundation and from which the Niasarm Stream is separated that is still running in the middle of the city.

Undoubtedly, the fabulous bridge and its fantastic verdant environs bring up a kind of indescribable and unforgettable situation for sightseeing in terms of tranquility and joy matching with other famous bridges namely Khaju and Si-o-Se Pol. Here, visitors can bear witness to the rarely seen characteristic of friendship between humans and seabirds where migratory birds such as gull are fed by people, providing a nice and memorable scene.