Fin garden is regarded as one of the most beautiful gardens of the middle-east. The origin of the garden goes back to Shah Abbas the first who was a Safavid king. The afterwards empires also used the garden as a royal place. This garden got its fame mainly after the time when Amir Kabir who was an internationally known chancellor in Qajar dynasty was murdered in the bathroom by the order of the King Nasereddin. Presently the bathroom has been changed into a museum depicting the clothes and the statues of the famous people living at that time. iran tour

The garden has numerous cypress trees which are very large and old. When visiting the garden, tourists can take a rest on the benches situated all around the garden and let the wind touches their faces and gives them an enjoyable feeling. One of the amazing features inside the place is the pumping system which has been used for filling the pools which are connected all around the place. When taking long walks in the garden, you will notice that every inch of the garden has something to offer. To build the canals, the architects used turquoise tiles to add to the beauty.