After taking part in COTTM 2019, Shokouh Iranian Tour and Travel Agency felt the necessity of familiarizing Chinese tour operators and clients with Iran and its attractions. So we organized an Iran FAM trip for some of the most reputable tour operators in China and invited their representatives to come and see Iran and our services. This Iran tour included sightseeing in Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan, and Kashan. The agents, 9 total, got to visit Iran’s most remarkable historical and cultural places. They also tried variety of foods and restaurants on this Iran tour. After finishing their sightseeing and before heading off to Imam Khomeini Airport, they attended a meeting held by Shokouh Iranian in Abbasi Hotel, Esfahan, to discuss their views with our staff and also Esfahan tourism officials. During the meeting, our Chinese guests talked about Chinese tourists’ taste, needs, and expectations. The greatest result of this tour and meeting was changing the travelers’ point of view about Iran and showing them how lovely Iran can be.