Avicenna has been one of the greatest scholars and philosophers in the land of Persia. He had extensive researches in medicine and is an internationally-known character. Due to his great reputation, Persian people have built a mausoleum in his memory in the city of Hamedan. The first construction of the building dates back to the Qajar Dynasty. The architecture of the place is according to the century in which Avicenna has lived. The tomb is built in the house of Abu Saeed who is one of Avicenna’s close friends.
In one part of the building there is an exhibition of old items related to old Iran and on the other part there are old books and poems that belonged to Avicenna and other famous people from Hamedan. iran tour
The mausoleum of Avicenna has twelve columns and it is believed that number twelve reflects the fact that he had knowledge of twelve different scientific majors.