Alisadr is one of the most fantastic ones not only in Iran but in the world. It is discovered as the world’s longest water cave and it attracts many Iran travelers to give this cave a visit. The cave is located in Qaboodarahang which is a town near Hamedan. iran tour In the past it was really hard to get into the cave but after appreciable efforts of cave specialists it has been open to the public. Every year the specialists go deeply forward and add unknown parts to the original section. That’s why when travelers visit the place they face new wonders.
The best point about Alisadr is that it is easily accessible. There are excavated canals inside the cave that makes travelling by boat very easy. Taking a tour in the cave takes about two hours. The colorful and unique stalagmites and stalactites inside the cave capture tourists’ attention. The cave is open to the public all year round and foreign travelers need a tour leader to have a much better visit of the cave.