Saadi Shirazi, Abu-Muhammad Muslih al-Din bin Abdallah Shirazi, is a famous Persian poet of the medieval period, who was born in Shiraz around 1200 and is internationally known by people all around the world. He is widely known for his works in Bustan (The Orchard) and “Gulistan” (The Rose Garden). The first one is entirely in verse and the second one is mainly in prose which contains stories and anecdotes. He prominently tried to include moral lessons in all his works. The verses of his works are inscribed on the walls of the mausoleum which is located in the middle of a pleasant garden. The interior structure of the tomb has an octagonal structure and inscribed walls. The garden has a pool which gives travelers opportunities to make wishes and throw coins into the pool. In Persian calendar, 21st of April is marked as a day to commemorate this great poet. Many other poets and literary men from Iran and other countries gather at his Mausoleum and keep his memory alive by reading his verses.

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