Many travelers coming to Iran wish to be able to visit different parts of the country in the shortest time possible. To fulfill this wish, Shokouh Travel agency organized a 14-day itinerary for its Russian travelers. On the first day, they were welcomed by the agency tour guide at 2:30 A.M. at Imam Khomeini Airport. They were then invited to take a rest in the hotel to get ready for a tour around the city. Tehran is rich in national museums and helps travelers to get to know Iran’s culture in the early stages of their trip. After Tehran, the group headed toward Kashan which is famous for its majestic historical houses. Abyane was the next explored place. It is a mountainous village which is visited every year by a vast majority of tourists. Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz were also among the must-visit cities on the itinerary. The tourists adored the monuments in each of the cities and took a lot of pictures to keep the memory. After being fully captivated by the history and culture, the group stayed three days in Kish and reveled into a variety of activities that one can do while passing time in Kish.