Solo female traveler on a customized tour of Iran

It started when a lady contacted us and talked about her interest in visiting Iran individually. This was quite surprising and made Shokouh Iranian team determined to put all their effort in making it happen because she was one the few ladies who are willing to come to Iran alone. Due to negative propaganda and misinterpretation about Iran and Iranians, many people around the world still mistake Iran and Persia with Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan and have some security concerns and do not find it safe especially for women.

This lady seemed to have done her studies and did not have cold feet about traveling on her own. Her only worry was the visa. She was not positive she could get a visa. We ensured her that thanks to the recently tied bonds between Iran and European countries, visa grant has been facilitated and there are no specific limitations in the process. Finally, she got her visa and headed off to Tehran from Vienna.

Her tour was divided into a classic and an adventure part. Upon arrival to Tehran, the classic part of the tour began. A collection of historic landmarks was awaiting her in Tehran, Kashan, Abyaneh, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz. She discovered monuments and spots related to different dynasties and kingdoms through the ancient civilization of Persia including palaces, mosques, tombs, and gardens. Most nights, she stayed in traditional houses and ecolodges such as Nartitee ecolodge in Taft, Yazd.

After getting familiar with Iran culture and civilization, she was taken to the nomadic areas in Fars province, where she lived with nomads and got familiar with their lifestyle. She drank and ate organic products with nomads in their tent and helped them run daily affairs like taking care of the livestock, milking and producing dairy products.

She flew from south to western north of Iran for a unique experience. She visited Tabriz highlights and then went to Kandovan. This village is a must-see due to the cave-like houses built in the rocks. ¬†Then she headed Sar’eyn, known for its mineral hot springs useful for health and healing. After a relaxing day in Sar’eyn, her guide took her to the heart of the jungle areas in Talesh, Gilan. She cycled, sailed, and trekked in the jungle roads and wetlands. She cleared her head in a cozy little cottage in the woods and took a lot of fresh breath in the breathtaking green spaces of North Iran.

After passing through the jungles and Siah Kashim wetland, unwinding by listening to the sound of streams in the jungle, eating local foods, and sleeping in a beach house on the Caspian Sea coastline, she went to Rasht and visited the Museum of Rural Heritage. She was then transferred to Imam Khomeini International Airport to catch her flight back to Vienna with memories of land of wonders she will always remember fondly.