This mosque is one of the masterpieces dating back to the Safavid dynasty and is situated on the eastern part of Naghsh-e-Jahan Square. isfahan tour It is constructed by the famous architect named Sheikh Bahaee during the reign of Shah Abbas the first. The Royal Mosque was supposed to be a public one but Sheikh lotfullah is a private mosque dedicated to the royal women. For this reason, the mosque does not have any minarates and the color of its dome is also different from the other Islamic mosques which are blue. The dome is cream and changes color during the day to pink. The design of the mosque is so simple and there is no courtyard. The architect made an underground tunnel from Ali Qapu Palace to the interior hall of the mosque because the king did not intend his women pass in front of the public. The decoration of the tiles and the combination of colors inside the mosque astonish every traveler who gives this monument a visit. iran tour