Noshabad is an underground city in the northern part of Kashan and in the central dessert of Iran. It is a masterpiece of ancient architecture. Noshbad has a high temperature during the day and it gets cold at night like other regions in the desserts. Noshabad means “cold tasty water” and the reason to have such a name for the city is that in Sassanid dynasty one of the kings was passing this area and he saw a well. He had a stop near the well to take a rest and to drink the water. He found it cold and clear. Then he asked his men to build a town near this well and called it Anoshabad which was turned into Noshabad after some times. iran tour

Two main reasons lead to the construction of underground cities. One of the reasons can be for escaping from the hot weather and another one can be for getting hidden from the sight of the enemies. There are different entrances to this underground city some of which are in private houses of the local people. Some other entrances can be found in public places. To reach the underground surface you need to walk down many stairs.

Travelers are highly recommended to visit this unique structure since it is really spectacular and is not far from the main city of Kashan.