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Varzaneh Desert



1 Day

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Specific Tour

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This tour takes to Varzaneh, an ancient desert which attracts many travelers all year round. It is located 105km southeast of Isfahan and 240km away from Yazd. As cited in Wikitravel, Varzaneh was the last civilization on the Zayanderud River since 5000 years ago. Varzaneh desert is regarded as one of the most accessible deserts in the country. If you want to get a taste of Varzaneh desert in just one day and one night, Shokouh Iranian Travel Agency can offer travelers a one-day tour there. On this tour you can enjoy Varzaneh‘s top sights and interesting things to do like camel riding and sandboarding.

Early in the morning, after you had your breakfast in the traditional house, your tour guide will meet you at the traditional house and will accompany you to the desert. The drive will take you about one hour and a half. When you arrive, you head toward the marvelous Salt Lake which is really picturesque. On your way getting there, you can enjoy the view of the golden sand hills you are expected to explore in the evening. Standing in the middle of salt lake is something you cannot miss when you travel to Varzaneh. It is very glorious to see a blue sky with purely vast white ground underneath.

On the way back to Varzaneh you will have a stop to visit Dovecote (pigeon houses) which is a structure dating nearly back to 300 years ago, the Safavid era. Tourists will get definitely amazed by the unique structure of the bird house. After your visit you will serve your lunch in a traditional house. The hospitality of people is another wonderful thing to experience. After taking an evening rest, your tour guide will show you Varzaneh Jameh Mosque and the Bull draining well known as the Ox-Well Complex. You can visit a bull that starts working and taking water from a well as soon as his owner, Haj Ibrahim, starts singing.

In the afternoon you will step into the desert land. You are highly suggested to take off your shoes to feel the cool sand under your feet. It’s such an unforgettable experience that all travelers who have been on this tour EXTREMELY recommend it to others.  You go up the hills to reach the top. When you get to the top, you will get mesmerized by the speechless view of the sunset. The landscape is breathtaking and the atmosphere is peaceful. Another magnificent view which is ready to be explored is the night sky. The silence of night doubles the beauty of the starry sky.  For dinner you are invited to gather in the center of the desert and circle around the fire. You will enjoy a delicious meal along with a hot drink. After your meal you are transferred to your guesthouse to pass the rest of the night.

A full traditional breakfast awaits you in the morning. After being served by it, you pack your luggage and head back to Isfahan. On the way you will visit Ghoortan Citadel which is believed to be 1000 years old and is located 12km west of Varzaneh. The citadel is famous for its thick walls which protected people and houses in the past.

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  • Shimmering Sand Hills
  • Awe-inspiring Salt Lake
  • Beautiful Dovecote
  • Ancient Ox-Well
  • Outstanding Ghoortan Citadel



  • Accommodation in traditional guesthouse
  • Breakfast
  • Varzaneh sightseeing
  • Varzaneh-Esfahan transfer
  • Drive to desert
  • Drive to salt lake


Full day (7+ hours)

Tour's Location

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