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The Essence Of Iran



12 Days

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Iran is a very fascinating country that holds a variety of sites which let travelers enjoy sightseeing, whatever their taste is. On this tour, travelers will enjoy visiting 6 destinations all of which are of great importance. They can experience passing time with nomadic tribes in the Zagros Mountains and they have the opportunity to visit Isfahan which is in the heart of Iran
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  • Tehran
  • Golestan Palace
  • Imam Khomeini Mosque
  • Shiraz
  • Tomb of Hafiz
  • Tomb of Saadi
  • Shahcheragh
  • Vakil Bazar
  • Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque
  • Eram Garden
  • Persopolis
  • Arg-e Karim Khan
  • Naghsh-e-Rostam
  • Nomadic Regions
  • Eghlid
  • Ruins of Sassanid Dynasty
  • Abarkooh
  • Ice House
  • Gonbad Ali Dome
  • Qajar Aghazade House
  • Jame Mosque
  • Zein-o-Din Caravanserai
  • Yazd
  • Jame Mosque
  • Old Neighborhood
  • Museum of Water
  • Fire Temple
  • Towers of Silence
  • Meybod
  • Kharanaq
  • Chak Chak
  • Narin Castle
  • Isfahan
  • Khaju Bridge
  • Siosepol Bridge
  • Juyi Bridge
  • Naghshe Jahan
  • Ali Qapu
  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Qeysarieh Bazar
  • Chehelsotun Palace
  • Jame Mosque
  • Atashgah Mountain
  • Monarjonban
  • Vank Cathedral
  • Vank Museum
  • Abyane
  • Mud Brick Houses
  • Village Mosque


DAY 1 - Tehran
When you arrive at Tehran international airport, one of our representatives will welcome you. After the meeting you will be accompanied to your hotel and you are given time to take a rest. In the afternoon you will visit Golestan Palace related to the ruling time of Qajar Dynasty. After visiting the Palace, it’s time to go to Imam Khomeini Mosque and be mesmerized by its architecture. For dinner, you have the opportunity to try Iranian foods while listening to live musicians playing traditional music and singing Persian songs. You pass the rest of the night at your hotel in Tehran.
DAY 2 - Shiraz
Early in the morning you go to the airport to take a flight to Shiraz which takes approximately 2 hours. This city is known as the pearl of Persia. It is the city of flowers, gardens and nightingales. This city was the home of two famous Persian poets, Hafiz and Saadi, who are internationally known. Their tombs which are visited by many travelers all year round, are the first place you will visit. One of the other tourist attractions that can be interesting to you is Shahcheragh which is arranged to be visited at noon while Muslims gather to say their noon prayers. The lunch is served in a restaurant and after the lunch, you go to Vakil bazar and walk in the area and shop some souvenirs. You will stop by in a traditional teahouse and take a rest while drinking tea with different essences extracted from local herbs. After the rest, it’s time to be captivated by the colorful sunlight shining through the windows of Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque. You will definitely get surprised by its beauty. It is an experience no one has ever had. The end of the day is passed at your leisure and the dinner is served at your hotel restaurant.
DAY 3 - Shiraz
Today you can enjoy your day by visiting Eram Garden which is also called the ‘Garden of Paradise’. While wandering in the garden you can listen to the sound of water passing through the artificial rivers run through an impressive collection of cypress trees. Later that day, you can go to the center of town and visit Arg-e Karim Khan which is a mud-brick citadel from the 18th century, when the whole Persia was ruled by Karim Khan from Shiraz. This is an area visited by many local people who like to stop near the tourist and experience chatting with them. At your rest time you can enjoy Shirazi local dessert named Falude which is tasted and liked by many travelers.
DAY 4 - Shiraz
Early in the day you will head to Iran’s premier attraction which is called Persepolis. It was once the center of the Persian Empire and one of the ancient cities constructed in the reign of Darius I. This famous city has been destroyed by Alexander the Great and the ruins and columns still exist for the visitors to visit. It is among the other world’s heritages registered by UNESCO. You will also visit Naqsh-e-Rostam which is a tomb containing dead bodies of several Achaemenid kings. After being impressed by these sites you are transferred to your hosts which are waiting to welcome you in their tents. Many nomadic tribes set up their tents every year in areas near Shiraz. These nomadic tribes come to the northern part of Shiraz and start living temporarily with their herding cattle. They earn their living through sewing carpets and dairy products. Joining a group of these tribes and passing time with them is an enjoyable experience travelers will never forget. The beauty of the landscape will be carved into the minds.
DAY 5 - Eghlid
After your farewell process with your nomadic hosts you go to the town of Eghlid. After checking into your hotel, you will start visiting the ruins of Sassanid Dynasty dating back to 1800 years ago. After taking a tour around the town, you get back to your hotel and have the rest of the day at your leisure.
DAY 6 - Abarkooh
Today is the time to go to Abarkooh, which is a historical town located in the desert valley beneath the Zagros Mountains. While taking a tour around the city, you can visit an ice house which acted like a fridge. You will also go to Gonbad Ali Dome, Qajar Aghazade House and Jame Mosque. You will then continue to travel across the stunning Zagros Mountain to reach Zein-o-Din Caravanserai which was built during the 16th century under the order of Shah Abbas. Silk Road travelers needed places to rest and shelter. The ruling kings build many caravanserai to give shelter to the passengers and mainly merchants travelling on the road. Passing one night in the caravanserai gives travelers an opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of old merchants stepping on the Silk Road. You will enjoy the night with its fully star covered sky.
DAY 7 - Yazd
Get up early and enjoy a breakfast with fresh hot bread. You will travel by a van to Yazd. This ancient desert city is the heart of the Zoroastrian religion. Yazd is a really nice city for travelers to wander around and take long walks. While you walk in the neighborhood, you will stop by Jame Mosque which is decorated by fine mosaics and has a beautiful exterior design. Later that day, you have the opportunity to explore the old part of the city with mud brick buildings. Yazd is a city famous for its wind towers ‘Badgirs’ that capture even the softest breezes and send them to the buildings to cool the interior. The next place you will visit today is the museum of water which shows how Qanats (underground water channels) brought water to the city from the mountains. You will also visit the Fire Temple and Towers of Silence.
DAY 8 - Meybod
You are supposed to get up early today and make yourself ready for an excursion out of Yazd. First you visit Kharanaq mud brick village which is said to be 1000 years old. After that you will go to Chak Chak temple and Meybod citadel. Chak Chak is a pilgrimage site that many Zoroastrians visit every year. They also hold some ritual ceremonies there on specific days. Many Zoroastrians come together on that day and start their worshiping ritual. After lunch you visit Narin Castle which is an ancient mudbrick structure in meybod. You stay the night in a traditional hotel in Meybod.
DAY 9 - Isfahan
After departing Yazd you get to the heart of Iran which is the city of Isfahan. In this city you can see fine Islamic buildings decorated with blue mosaic tiles. Isfahan is famous for its hand-made handicrafts. Travelers buy fine Persian carpets in the bazaars of this city. When you arrive to Isfahan you check into the hotel and in the evening you walk along Zayanderud River and get surprised by the beauty of the bridges. You can meet local people in the parks and listen to them singing traditional songs under the bridges.
DAY 10 - Isfahan
You start your today tour from Naqshe Jahan Square which is the second largest one in the world. When visiting the square you are given time to visit the surrounding buildings all of which are amazing. Ali Qapu Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Qeysarieh Bazaar are the sites to be explored by you. Shah Abbas, the Safavid King, used this square for military reviews, watching parades and polo games. For lunch you will go to one of the traditional restaurant in Naghshe Jahan Square and take a short break after the lunch. In the evening you go to Chehelsotun Palace and enjoy the great beauty of the palace and its surrounding garden. You will have an evening tea in the garden and enjoy the breeze touching your face.
DAY 11 - Isfahan
After your breakfast you take your bus to go to Jame Mosque which is the biggest in Iran. Because of its amazing structure this mosque is highly recommended. After that you will go to Atashgah Mountain and visit Monarjonban afterwards. In Monarjonban you can see two shaking minarets that are of great fame to travelers. When you are served with the lunch you will head to the Armenian quarter of the city and visit Vank Cathedral with its picturesque walls. Inside the cathedral area, there is a museum waiting to be explored by travelers. In the evening you enjoy drinking coffee in a café.
DAY 12 - Abyane
Abyane is a village in a mountainous area on your way from Isfahan to Tehran. It features mud brick houses that are arranged in a stair-step shape. You are given time to wander in the village inspect the interesting structure of this area. This ancient town is famous for its red clay houses. The wooden doors – most of which have two knockers (one for men, one for women) – are built in the traditional style, with beautiful patterns and poems carved on them. After your lunch are transferred to Tehran to get ready for your flight back home.


  • Meals: all breakfasts, all Dinners
  • domestic flight
  • All transfers to hotels and landmarks mentioned in the itinerary
  • All transports to cities mentioned in the itinerary
  • Experienced tour guide
  • Visa support
  • Entrance fees
  • international airfare
  • Lunches
  • Personal insurance
  • Visa stamp fee
  • Expenses of personal nature
  • Tips & Portages


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