Atashgah – Zoroastrian Fire Temple

Iran has many archaeological wonders to admire from ancient time. One of them is the Zoroastrian fire temple Atashgah in the big city Esfahan - Isfahan. It is well constructed and has its own charm, but cannot compete with other Iranian wonders which are notified on UNESCO's World Heritage list as Bam and its Cultural [...]

Jolfa Square

At the centre of the Armenian Quarter, a short walk from Vank Cathedral, this delightful square is a good place to sit and watch the world go by. Other than an arcade of ordinary shops propped up by brick pillars and an elaborate sundial, there's not much to see or do except sit on the [...]

Ali Gholi Agha hammam

The Ali Gholi Agha hammam is a historical hammam in the Bidabad district of Isfahan, Iran. The hammam was built in 1713 by Ali Gholi Agha, who was a courtier of two Safavid kings Suleiman I and Sultan Husayn. Its architectural style is Isfahani and it was built in the late Safavid era. The structure consists of one large hammam [...]

Flower Garden of Isfahan

The Flower garden of Isfahan was one of Iran’s great green space projects, which was completed in 1990s in Isfahan. The garden serves multiple purposes. It’s a recreational, cultural, educational and research center. The buildings of the garden have Iranian traditional elements. The different parts of the garden The entrance pavilion includes a building with [...]

Menar Jonban isfahan

The culture of Iran, also known as culture of Persia, is one of the oldest in the world. Owing to its dominant geo-political position and culture in the world, Iran has directly influenced cultures and peoples as far away as Italy, Macedonia, and Greece to the West, Russia to the North, the Arabian Peninsula to the South, and South [...]