Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel

Kashan is known for its tourist attractions and more importantly, for its historical houses. One of these historical houses, Saraye Ameriha House is now a Boutique Hotel. Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel is the most prominent and outstanding boutique hotel in Kashan. The glory of this hotel is eminent from the seven beautiful yards and the longest windward in the whole city. [...]

Maranjab Desert

The name of Maranjab was chosen by Shah Abbas the Safavid King. When Shah Abbas used to build caravanserai in every city or route, he would never imagine that he would build a castle in the forgotten Maranjab Desert. But as soon as the Tajiks and Afghans reached Isfahan and central regions Shah Abbas felt [...]

The Borujerdis House

a masterpiece of traditional Persian architecture of the 19th century The Iranian Borujerdis house is the product of a traditional desert architecture that features elements from both pre-Islamic and Islamic periods. It is located in Ishafan province, on Alavi Street in the town of Kashan, and represents one of the most beautiful historic houses there. [...]

Bazaar of Kashan

Kashan’s historic bazaar is one of the best in Iran. Busy but not manic, traditional but with a nod at modern goods, large enough to surprise but not to get lost in, it’s a great place to wander for a couple of hours, especially in the late afternoon when the lanes are full of shoppers. [...]

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

The Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse in Kashan, Iran, is a 16th century public bathhouse built during the time of the Safavid empire, which ruled Iran, along with parts of Turkey and Georgia, from the 16th to 18th centuries. Characterized by vaulted ceilings, exquisite mosaics and paintings, this gorgeous structure is one of the most beautiful [...]