Qavam House

Qavam House (also widely called “Narenjestan-e Ghavam”) is a traditional and historical house which is located on Lotfalikhan Street in Shiraz. Because of the abundance of orange trees inside the garden of this house, it has become known as Naranjestan of Qavam.iran tour
It was built between 1879 and 1886 by Mirza Ibrahim Khan. This place has been the residential area of Qavam family and the office for his administration. The Qavam family were merchants originally from Qazvin. But they soon became active in the government during the Zand dynasty, followed by the Qajar, and Pahlavi dynasty as well.iran tour
The Qavam “Naranjestan” preserves the elegance and refinement enjoyed by the upper-class families during the 19th century. The paintings on the low ceilings of the house are inspired by Victorian era Europe.iran tour
The mirrored porch was a focal point of the house, overlooking a small garden that was designed with fountains, date palms, and flowering plants.iran tour
During the second Pahlavi era, the House became the headquarters of Pahlavi University’s Asia Institute, directed by Arthur Upham Pope and Richard Nelson Frye. Frye and his family also lived in the house for a while.iran tour
The house today is a museum and is open to the public.

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