Mount Khajeh

Kooh-e-Khajeh is one of the most valuable and historical relics of Iran’s southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan. This hillock is at an elevation of 900 m. and is located in the midst of the Hamoon (also Hamun) Lake, just like an island. On top of this hill are the remnants of a fire-temple and a colossal palatial structure, with spectacular architectural finish and overlooking a vast court-yard.iran tour
The fire-temple of this hill has a large gateway and a square hall with corridors around. The structure dates to the first century AD. The surrounding ruins are related to the Parthian and Sassanid periods. In the southern sector of this hillock is the place of worship of Venus (Nahid) known as ‘Karchak Chel Ganjeh’. Another relic on top of this hill from the post-Islamic period is the tomb of ‘Khajeh Mehdi-ebne-Mohammad Khalifeh’, besides the pilgrimage sites of ‘Khajeh Qaltan’ and ‘Peer Gandom Beryan’.iran tour
Other relics are related to the ‘Seka’ tribe who had migrated to this area in about the 2nd century AD. Currently the site has an aggregate of relics from various periods in history.iran tour
In addition to which anthropological studies of the inhabitants around the Hamoon Lake and its panoramic view are the attractions of this area.iran tour

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