Gonbade Jabalie

In the eastern end of Kerman city there is a strong and large dome, made of stone and has saved from the trespassing hand of time. This eight-angle dome is completely made of stone. There are 8 doors in its eight sides with the width of 2m, that recently have been closed by stones to strengthen the building and only one of them is open.iran tour

The upper part of dome has been made of brick and it is not clear whether or not had it been decorated by tile-work? Inside the dome there were apparently plaster-works that have been destroyed. There is no any document about the time of construction. Sarborsisiks in this book “Eight years in Iran” writers, passing through that has a dome in the shape of two arc and its internal diameter is 18 foot. This place is called Jabalie and it is the only stone building of Kerman.iran tour

Iranian peoples believe that it has been the tomb of one of Zoroastrians and some believe that is the tomb of Seyed Mohammad Tabashiri, but the later allegation has been traversed is some regions. Some believe that it belongs to seljuks but it is not correct it belongs to the times before Islam and is one of the Zoroastrian building, however its style is not similar to the style of fire temples.iran tour

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