Aida Jaksybaeva

I am Aida Jaksybaeva. I have been living in Iran since 1996. My husband is Iranian. We have 2 cute daughters.

I have been working as a Russian tour leader under the license of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization. These days, I am employed as the head of the Russian department in tour and travel agency.

Iran, as my kind step-mother, let me grow up and become self-sufficient and stand on my feet. This made me satisfied with myself.

I adore Iran with everything inside it and belonging to it. It is a country with fascinating, beautiful, and still honest faces.

Iranian philosophy, music, poetry, and art have become an essential part of me and my life. When I talk about Iran, I reflect the things I have touched here, things that have made me happy and surprised.

The best part of my job is that I live with tourists during their stay in Iran and have the opportunity to see them act like a child and get astonished and happy by small things. What makes it more fun is that they leave after a few days and a new group replaces them.

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Here, you may see some photos of me working as a tour leader for different agencies during these past few years.

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