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Be mesmerized by the aroma of the city gardens.


Your tour starts in the morning after your breakfast. Your tour leader will give you a visit at your hotel and pick you up to go to Karimkhani Citadel which belongs to Karimkhan Zand who was a king who made Shiraz the capital of Iran during his ruling period. You will be amazed by the unique structure of this ancient monument. Afterwards you are accompanied to Vakil Mosque to get familiar with the architecture of that time and then wander in Vakil Bazar and enjoy shopping in the old bazar. You will take a rest in Saray-e Moshir and have a drink. For lunch, you are invited to a traditional restaurant that serves different types of Iranian foods.

As you might have been told, Shiraz is a city famous for its gardens and flowers. It is home to two famous Persian poets of Saadi and Hafiz. If you visit this city in May you feel the smell of flowers when taking walks all around the city. After your lunch you will go to Eram Garden which is one of the famous ones in the city. While walking in the garden you will appreciate the sound of singing birds. You feel like sitting on the garden benches and enjoy the breeze that touches your face gently.

In the afternoon you are given time to visit Nasir-ol Molk Mosque which is famous among tourists as the pink mosque. You will definitely get captivated by the view. You might have seen the photos but on this tour you are given an opportunity to feel it thoroughly. In the evening if time allows your tour guide will take you the tombs of Hafiz and Saadi, the two Persian poets. On the way s/he will give you all the necessary information about their lives and how the two poets could impress other poets in the world.



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