Holiday in Iran


Each Late December

Holiday in Iran

Santa Claus stops here, too. So spend your holiday somewhere you have never done.


Uncover a whole different world through a set of whole different experiences. Mark the very best of Iran in your holiday and rejoice in both natural beauty and urban charm. Listen to the captivating history of ancient Iran and treat your eyes to the remnants from Achaemenid Empire to Safavid Dynasty. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the heart of the desert. Gain a wealth of fond and novel memories in the land of diversities.



  • Pasargad-ancient capital of Achaemenid Empire
  • Naghsh-e-rostam rock reliefs
  • Persepolis- the glamorous thrown of Jamshid
  • Incredible Vakil Bath, Bazaar and Mosque
  • Magnificent Karimkhan Citadel
  • Colorful Nasirolmolk Mosque


  • Silk weaving workshops
  • Marvelous Friday Mosque
  • Zoroastrian Temple, the haven for the agents of ritual purity
  • Mysterious Tower of Silence


  • Desert roaming
  • A thrilling taste of Local cuisine


  • Naghshe Jahan square- the kingdom of wonders
  • mesmerizing royal mosque
  • intriguing sheikh Lotfollah mosque
  • cobbled street s of Jolfa- Armenian restrict
  • dazzling Vank church
  • traditional bazaar
  • picturesque Chehel Sotoun pavilion
  • the fine bridges dating back to Savafid dynasty
  • Awe-inspiring Shaking minarets
  • Ancient fire temple on top of the rocky hills of Atashgah

Day 1. Dec. 26 - Arrival

Arrival to Imam Khomeini International Airport. Overnight stay in Ibis Airport Hotel.

Day 2. Dec. 27 - Tehran – Shiraz

Fly to Shiraz, the city of flowers and nightingales. Go to Eram Garden, the best known Persian Garden in Shiraz and also important botanical garden. Visit Karim Khan Citadel, standing out from Zandiyeh Dynasty in Shiraz. Overnight stay in Shiraz.

Day 3. Dec. 28 – Shiraz

Capture the colorful beauty of Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, where the rays of sunlight crossing through the windows fills the interior with kaleidoscopic colors. Delight in Narenjestan-e-Qavam, an elaborate mansion built in the middle of sour orange trees. This garden house dates back to Qajar dynasty and is one of the most fascinating gardens of Shiraz. Get mesmerized in the tombs of widely known Persian poets, Hafez or Sa’di. Take a tour to awe-inspiring Vakil complex. Overnight stay in Shiraz.

Day 4. Dec. 29. Shiraz – Yazd

Drive to Yazd, the living museum of Iran. En route, stop by the Persepolis, the glamorous capital of ancient Persia. Tread in the simple but impressive site ofPasargadae, tomb of Cyrus the Great” the Founder of the Persian Empire” and remains of his several palaces. Treat your eyes to the dazzling rock reliefs of Naghsh-e-rostam. Discover ka’be zardosht, the center of astronomy and religion in old Iran. Head off to Yazd. Overnight stay in Yazd.

Day 5. Dec. 30 – Yazd

Catch a glimpse of a Zoroastrian temple where a sacred fire has been kept burning for hundreds of years. Visit Dolatabad Garden, a Persian garden with stunning architecture. Discover the mud-brick mazes and buildings staying cool in scorching hot summers with windcatchers, the very first air conditioning systems ever. Get captivated by the Tower of Silence, a structure previously used for excarnation, with a short distance from the city. Also, visit the Friday Mosque (1324 A.D.) with the highest portal and minarets in Iran, with a walk through the old Fahadan quarter. Overnight stay in Yazd.

Day 6. Dec. 31 – Yazd - Varzaneh

After a 3-hour drive from Yzad, plunge into VarzanehDesert, one of the most accessible deserts in the world. Check out the combination of wilderness and civilization sitting right next to each other. Unique to Varzaneh, are the local women’s costumes. While women in the rest of Iran wear black chadors, they wear completely white ones. Wonder at the infinity of the salt lake nearby. Get entertained by warm locals in traditional houses. Celebrate the New Year under the star-filled sky of the desert and make it a memorable and unique New Year’s Eve. Overnight stay in a traditional guesthouse in Varzaneh.

Day 7. January 1 - Varzaneh – Esfahan

Drive less than 2 hours to Esfahan, the city known as half the world. Stroll in splendid Chehel Sotoun palace with the gardens surrounding it.  Capture the marvels of Safavid dynasty, all in a single square, Naghsh- e- Jahan square, the second biggest square around the world. Once used as a polo field, Naghsh- e- Jahan square is now a lively traditional bazaar. Marvel at Ali Qapu Palace with its unique features and mesmerizing view of the square from the top. Soak up Islamic architecture in magnificent Jame Abbasi Mosque on one side and small but impressive sheikh Lotfollah Mosque on the other side of the square. Sip some tea and indulge yourself in an ethnic dish in a memorable place. In the evening, take a walking or bike riding tour on the Zayanderood river side packed with parks. On your way, catch a glimpse of Khajoo bridge- the finest, and Si-o-se pol bridge- the longest. Overnight stay in Esfahan.

Day 8. January 2 - Esfahan – Kashan – Tehran International Airport

Morning after breakfast, take a walk in cobbled streets of Jolfa, Armenian district and capture the allures of Vank cathedral with the breathtaking paintings on its wall and dome. Delight in the Museum of Music and learn about Iranian traditional instruments. Drive to the City of Kashan, a merchant town known for its high quality ceramics, silk, carpets, and fine houses. Tread in Fin Garden, the epitome of Persian gardens including pavilion, turquoise pools, a Hammam complex, and the modest Kashan national museum. Catch a glimpse of elaborate Borujerdi mansion, built in the 1840s for the affluent Tabatabaei family containing features such as a biruni (where visitors and guests are entertained) and an andaruni (the private part only open to family members). Finish your journey by going to Imam Khomeini International Airport. Depending to your flight out, you might have an overnight stay in Ibis Airport Hotel and catch your flight the next day.

Accommodation: 3*/4* hotels – traditional guesthouses

Meals: all breakfasts

1 domestic flight

Entrance fees as mentioned in the itinerary

1 Lunch and 1 Dinner in a traditional guesthouse in varzaneh

All transfers to hotels and landmarks mentioned in the itinerary

All transports to cities mentioned in the itinerary

Experienced tour guide

Visa support

International airfare

lunches and dinners except for Varzaneh

Personal insurance

Visa stamp fee

Expenses of personal nature

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