Gerdab-e Sangi

Gerdab-e Sangi or Gerdau Bardineh (Persian: گرداب سنگی‎ (in Lurish called: گرداوو بردینه) is a historical stony whirlpool from sassanid era located in Takhti Square of Khorramabad in lorestan province. This Building with a diameter of 18 meters and width of 3 meters and a height of 12m of well floor has surrounded around the seasonal well. Well that Gerdab-e-Sangi is fed by it has water from mid-winter to mid-summer and at other times is dry.[iran tour] The stony whirlpool has been constructed of stone, whereas itself is a mixture of stone and mortar. Gerdab-e Sangi is registered on the list of National Monuments.[iran travel]

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